Coordination Meeting on Migration Projects

13th coordination meeting of the projects running in the field of migration was held on 15 February 2019, organized by the SCMI Secretariat and attended by the SCMI Member Agencies and partner international and local non-governmental organizations.

Participants of the meeting briefly presented the activities planned to be implemented within the spheres of their competences in the field of migration that fall into the broad areas of strengthening border management and promoting legal migration (including by facilitating international labor mobility) as well as fostering diaspora engagement and reducing statelessness in Georgia, along with expanding the measures for reintegration of returned nationals and integration of refugees and humanitarian status holders.

Project Coordination Meetings are held twice a year, gathering all interested actors and contributing to the concerted action in the field of migration, minimizing at the same time thematic overlaps and duplications. Based on the information provided by participants, the Secretariat updates the online project matrix.

guidebook on legal emigration

Guidebook on legal immigration