# Book Author
1 International Migration Khalid Koser
2 What is Migration History Christiane Harzig; Dirk Hoerder with Donna Gabaccia
3 Migration and Human Rights; The United Nations
Convention on Migration Worker's Rights
Paul De Guchteneire, Antoine Pecoud and Ryszard Chlewinski
4 Citizenship, Borders and Human Needs Rogers M. Smith
5 The Refugee in International Law Guy S. Goodwin-Gil and Jane McAdam
6 Imigration Worldwide Policies, Practicies and Trends Uma A. Segal, Doreen Elliott and Nazneen S. Mayadas
7 The Responsibility ro Protect Jared Genser, Irwin Cotler
8 Migration and International Legal Norms T. Alexander Aleinikoff; Vincent Chetail
9 International Migration Law Ryszard Cholewinski; Richard Perruchoud; Euan MacDonald
10 Migration in a Globalised World Cedric Augebert and Mohamed Kamel Dorai
11 Atlas of Global Development  
12 Researching country of origin information a training manual
13 The prohibition of torture human rights  handbook
14 The right to respect for  private and family life human rights  handbook

*(the books have been provided by the GOVAC project. The project was aimed at building stronger partnerships between the academia and public agencies to promote research and increase capacities)

EMN Glossary on Asylum and Migration

guidebook on legal emigration

Guidebook on legal immigration