Directions of Activity

  • Immigration

    Permanent or temporary settlement of a citizen on the territory of a foreign country.

  • Emigration

    Leaving for a foreign country to stay for a short period or forever for political, economic or private reasons...

  • Reintegration

    Return to the country of origin and re-engagement in the social and economic life.

  • Voluntary Return

    Return to Country of Origin and involvement into social and economic life.

  • Refugees and Asylum

    Foreigners who need international protection due to the risk posed to their lives in the country of origin.

  • Georgia and EU

    The legislative basis for EU-Georgia relations is the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement signed in 1996 which came into force in 1999. The Agreement regulates relations in the following fields: political dialogue, trade, investments, economy, legislation...

Guidebook on legal immigration