The State Commission on Migration Issues was set up on 13 October 2010 on the basis of the Government's Ordinance No. 314. The Commission is the Government's consultative body to discuss and take decisions on various important issues related to migration management. The Commission comprising 9* government entities is chaired by the Minister of Justice and co-chaired by the Deputy Minister of the Interior.

During its lifetime, the Commission has become a key platform for discussing migration-related issues and an effective instrument for coordinating competences falling under different bodies. To this end, the Commission is being provided with analytical and administrative support by the Secretariat (set up on the recommendation and with the funding from the EU) at the Public Service Development Agency - a Legal Entity of Public Law under the Ministry of Justice. The Commission's activities have been positively assessed by the European Community and the leading international organisations working in the field.

To further activate the Commission's work in different directions, inside the Commission thematic working groups have been set up to work on Integration issues, Migration Risk Analysis, Migration Strategy, Reduction of Statelessness, Unified Migration Analytical System and Migration & Development.

In addition, in 2013, international and non-governmental organizations working in the field were granted a consultative status within the Commission to provide additional expertise and develop a format of cooperation. Thanks to their active cooperation with the Commission’s Secretariat, significant progress has been achieved in eradicating thematic overlap and ensuring targeted use of existing resources. If projects with similar or even the same activities were initiated in the past, today the themes of ongoing projects in the field of migration are agreed with all the bodies and fully conform to the country's needs. In 2021 Public Defender's Office also joined SCMI with the consultative status.

Agencies – members of the commission (In Geo alphabetical order)

Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development

Address: 12 Chanturia str., Tbilisi 0108 Telephone: +995 322 991 111 Email: Website:

Ministry of Justice

Address: 24a Vakhtang Gorgasali str., Tbilisi 0114 Telephone: +995 322 405 087 Email: Website:

Ministry of Education and Science

Address: 52 Dimitri Uznadze str., Tbilisi 0102 Telephone: +995 322 200 220 Email: Website:

Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labour, Health and Social Affairs

Address: 144, ak. Tsereteli ave. Tbilisi 0119 Telephone: +995 322 510 012 Email: Website:

Ministry of Finance

Address: 16 Vakhtang Gorgasali str., Tbilisi 0114 Telephone: +995 322 261 330 Email: Website:

National Statistics Office

Address: 30 Tsotne Dadiani str., Tbilisi 0180 Telephone: +995 322 367 210 Email: Website:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Address: 4 Sh. Chitadze str., Tbilisi 0118 Telephone: +995 322 945 005 Email: Website:

State Security Service

Address: 4. 9 Aprili str., Tbilisi 0118Email: Website:

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Address: 10 G. Gulua str., Tbilisi 0114 Telephone: +995 322 411 158 Email: Website:


Organizations with the consultative status

Civil Development Agency Address: 9/1 Pirosmani str., Rustavi 3700 Telephone: +995 341 258 824 / +995 571 258 822 Email: migrant–; Website: International Centre for Migration Policy Development Address: 6 Marjanishvili str., Tbilisi Telephone: +995 322 904 098 Email: Website:
Delegation of the European Union to Georgia Address: 38 Nino Chkheidze str., Tbilisi 0102 Telephone: +995 322 943 763/ +995 322 943 769 Email: Website: International Organization for Migration Address: 19 Tengiz Abuladze str., Tbilisi 0162 Telephone: +995 322 252 216 Email: Website:
Georgian Young Lawyer’s Association Address: 15 Jansugh Kakhidze str., Tbilisi 0102 Telephone: +995 322 936 101/ +995 322 952 353 Email: Website: Legal advice Address: 101 dimitri uznadze str., tbilisi 0102 Telephone: +995 322 995 076 Migration Centre Address: K.Kekelidze street 10/13 Tbilisi.Telephone: 2 22 01030; +995 599 961 606 Email: Facebook page:
German International Cooperation Society (Giz) Address: 31 Griboedovi str., Tbilisi 0105 Telephone: +995 322 201 800 Email: Website: UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Address: 2a al. Kazbegi ave., Tbilisi 0160 Telephone: +995 322 386 202 Email: Website:
Innovations and Reforms Centre Address: 32 Saburtalo str., Tbilisi 0160 Telephone: +995 322 552 001/ +995 322 552 002 Email: Website:  Public Defender's Office

Adress: Tbilisi 0102 Davit Aghmashenebeli Avenue, 80 Telephone:1481, E-mail:: website:



In 2014, the SCMI had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Tbilisi State University which provides a basis for the cooperation between the SCMI and TSU on migration issues.

Address: 1 Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue, Tbilisi 0179
Telephone:+995 32 2250484
E-mail: migration,

guidebook on legal emigration

Guidebook on legal immigration