Seminar on EMN for Georgian Students

On 25 March 2022, an informational seminar was held for students of Tbilisi State University (TSU) and Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) dedicated to the European Migration Network (EMN) and its analytical activities.

The virtual meeting was organized by the Secretariat of the State Commission on Migration Issues as the EMN’s National Contact Point from Georgia, TSU’s Migration Competence Center and the Luxembourg University (as the National Contact Point of Luxembourg to the EMN). The EMN Luxembourg representatives talked about the purpose of the EMN, the main principles of its work and the products generated by it. Georgian students were as well familiarized with the EMN’s educational product “Destination – Europe”.

The seminar ended with Q&A and discussion, during which the representatives of the EMN-Luxembourg answered the various questions regarding the EMN and its outputs.

guidebook on legal emigration

Guidebook on legal immigration