Coordination Meeting on Migration Projects

16th coordination meeting of the projects running in the field of migration was held on 14 February 2020, organized by the SCMI Secretariat and attended by the SCMI Member Agencies, other state bodies as well as international and local non-governmental organizations with consultative status in SCMI.

The meeting started by the presentation of the representative of the government administration who briefed the meeting participants about the new regulations enforced from 1st January 2020 and prescribing all state entities to design and monitor the implementation of the state strategies according to the new approach and procedures that also, will be duly considered when working on the new Migration Strategy 2021-2030. The meeting continued with the presentations of the partner international organizations on the planned activities including those expected to be implemented in the framework of the continues support of the EU, as well as those of the key SCMI MAs responsible for carrying out certain activities within the scope of their competences on reinforcing border security and waging information campaign in the light of the challenges to the visa free travel to the EU.

Project Coordination Meetings are held twice a year, gathering all interested actors and contributing to the concerted action in the field of migration, minimizing at the same time thematic overlaps and duplications. Based on the information provided by participants, the Secretariat updates the online project matrix.

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