Information on Visa Free Travel to the EU

On January 1, 2021 a legislative amendment came into force, according to which the documentation required by Schengen Regulations will be additionally checked at the Georgian border checkpoints.

What does this amendment mean and what are the documents required for visa free travel into the EU Schengen area, find out more here

The Ministry of Justice of Georgia has launched an informational campaign on visa free travel to the EU. Citizens of Georgia collecting passports will be provided the necessary information on the matter for which a special leaflet was developed explaining rules and regulations of visa free travel. Georgian citizens collecting their passports at Public Service Halls, Community Centers and territorial offices of the Public Service Development Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia will be given the leaflet by the front desk operators who undergone the special training in order to explain the necessary details to interested citizens.

The leaflet contains all related information including the list of visa-free countries, length and purpose of stay, and the list of required documents. The information campaign aims at timely informing Georgian citizens on the rules they should know when traveling to the EU.

Download brochure:

Unfounded asylum claim in the EU

In the last years, certain EU Member States included Georgia into the list of safe countries of origin. This means that Georgia is considered a safe country, citizens of which do not face the threat of persecution for reasons of race, religion, political opinion, ethnic origin, or belonging to a particular social group. Consequently, the chances to obtain positive decision on the Asylum applications submitted by Georgian citizens in EU is quite low.

Currently, Georgia is considered as a Safe Country of Origin by 17 EU/Schengen states:

1. Bulgaria
2. France
3. Lichtenstein
4. Austria
5. Belgium
6. Netherlands
7. Iceland
8. Luxemburg
9. Ireland
10. Estonia
11. Denmark
12. Czech Republic
13. Cyprus
14. Slovenia
15. Switzerland
16. Greece
17. Sweden

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