Migration Strategy Was Discussed on Public at Tbilisi State University

On 14 December 2015, the Secretariat of the State Commission on Migration Issues together with the Commission’s member agencies, ICMPD, Tbilisi State University School of Law and EU Delegation held a public hearing on the Migration Strategy, attended by representatives of international and local non-governmental organizations, academia and other interested parties involved in migration related activities. The Strategy for 2016-2020, upon its publishing in the Legislative Herald, will be available on the websites of the Commission.

2016-2020 Migration Strategy has been developed within the framework of the State Commission on Migration Issues. In the process of elaboration, the document was sent to the international and non-governmental organizations for their comments, which were accordingly reflected in the document by the Secretariat. The State Commission on Migration Issues approved the present version of the Strategy on 30 November 2015, while the final text was adopted by Georgian government on 11 December 2015.

Participants of the meeting were also briefed on country’s migration profile document, which alike strategy was elaborated by the State Commission on Migration Issues and adopted by SCMI on 30 November 2015. Georgia’s Migration Profile provides information on the current situation in the country in terms of migration management and gives related statistical data. The Profile, developed in 2015 is based on a new format and has an updated structure, making more emphasis on analysis and recommendations.

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