Sitting of the State Commission on Migration Issues

On 30 November 2015, the State Commission on Migration Issues had its 14th sitting, gathering all member state agencies of the SCMI as well as non-governmental and international organisations having consultative status in the Commission. The following documents were adopted at the sitting: the Migration Risk Analysis Concept, and Migration Profile of 2015. The Migration Strategy for 2016-2020 was approved and submitted to the government for final adoption. It was stated that the Migration Strategy Action Plan, which is subject to final corrections from the member state agencies’ side has to be finalized by the end of the year in order to accompany the strategy document. The participants have also discussed the issues regarding the information campaign led by the State Minister’s Office on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration on visa-free travel for Georgian citizens; emphasizing on that, the Commission decided to discuss the draft PR products (updated in the light of upcoming decision on visa liberalization for Georgian citizens) in the framework of the next SCMI sitting, thus involving all members state agencies in the process.

Finally, participants discussed the ways of involving the non-governmental organizations willing to be engaged in the activities of the Commission. It was decided to offer those NGOs a proposal of organizing an information meeting (coordinated by SCMI Secretariat), to highlight issues discussed during the session. The next, 15th sitting of the Commission has been scheduled for 22nd December 2015.

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