Informational meeting on reintegration program

On 3 July 2015 there has been held an informational meeting regarding the state reintegration program “Supporting the Reintegration of Returned Georgian Migrants” in Zugdidi. The First Deputy of the Minister of IDPs, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia – Mr. Grigol Giorgadze, with the representatives of MRA and NGOs: Charity Humanitarian Centre “Apkhazeti” and International Union for Migration, Integration and Development –“MIDE”, informed the residents regarding the state reintegration program. The meeting was attended by the regional administration, municipal offices, councils and MPs, as well as local and international organizations.

The Ministry of internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia, with the financial support of the EU is implementing the reintegration programs for returned Georgian migrants since 2011. As for 2015, there has been allocated special fund in the State Budget amounting 400 000 GEL, which will be spent on the reintegration programs for the returned Georgians to be implemented by the Ministry with the participation of NGOs. The main purpose of the program is to support the reintegration process of the Georgian migrants as well as strengthen the non-governmental sector in the same regard.

The allocated money is delivered on the implementation of the grant projects addressing following directions:

• provision of first aid and basic medicine, counting psychosocial rehabilitation, to the returnees;
• funding of professional and re-trainings for returnees;
• funding of micro business projects presented by the beneficiaries;
• promotion of paid internships;
• Legal aid funding for Georgian returned migrants.

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