Guidebook on Legal Immigration Developed

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Within the framework of the information campaign “Legal Migration – The Best Choice” conducted by the State Commission on Migration Issues and supported by the EU, a guidebook on legal immigration has been developed in Georgian and English languages.

Up to now the only sources of information regarding the procedures and norms regulating legal immigration to Georgia were the websites of various state agencies and provisions scattered in different legislative acts and regulations. This type of information is hardly exhaustive, accessible or written in simple language. This guidebook has been developed to fill in this gap. It puts together a whole range of practical information on the documents necessary for foreign citizens staying in Georgia, procedures for obtaining these documents and relevant status, and regulations of legal movement.

We believe the guidebook will help foreigners staying in Georgia and those willing to come to Georgia, as well as other interested persons in finding information about the norms regulating legal immigration and relevant services.

Guidebook on legal immigration