Administrative Bodies providing public services in the field of migration

Territorial offices of the Public Service development agency, branches of the Public Service Hall and Community Centres issue official documents such as passports of a Georgian citizen and residence permits (cards). also, these offices receive applications of the seekers of compatriot status, applications for granting or terminating Georgian citizenship, and provide other services.

Contact information on territorial offices of the Public Service Development Agency, branches of the Public Service Hall and Community Centres is available on the following links:

Public Service Development Agency

Public Service Hall

Community Centres


 For the information concerning potential migrants as well as regarding the issues of re-integration of returned migrants please contact the Migration Resource Centers

Migration resource centre in Tbilisi
Address:12 T. Abuladze str., 1st line Tbilisi
Tel.: +995 322 252 216
Fax: +995 322 252 217
Migration resource centre in Kutaisi
Address: 7 Victor Kupradze str., Kutaisi
Tel.: +995 451 944 443
Migration resource centre in Telavi
Address: 16 Erekle II str., Telavi, Telavi Municipality building, 2nd floor
Tel.: +995 350 270 872
Migration resource centre in Batumi
Address: 63 King Pharnavaz Str. Batumi
Tel.: +995 577 520 015

Migration Recource Centres operate under the EU supported Project - Reinforcing the Capacities of the Government of Georgia in Border and Migration Management implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM)