Acquisition of georgian citizenship

Determining a Georgian Citizenship

Georgian citizenship shall be acquired by birth by:

  • A person, at whose birth one of his/her parents is a Georgian citizen;
  • A person born on the territory of Georgia through extracorporeal fertilization (surrogacy), if the country of citizenship of neither of his/her parents recognises this person as its citizen;
  • A child born in the territory of Georgia to persons having a status of stateless person in Georgia;
  • A person born on the territory of Georgia, one of whose parents has a status of a stateless person in Georgia and the other parent is unknown.

A minor who is living in Georgia and whose both parents are unknown shall be deemed to be a Georgian citizen unless proved otherwise.

Determination of a Georgian citizenship occurs:

  • When an identity document of a Georgian citizen is issued;
  • When the birth of a person is registered;
  • When a person is registered according to his/her place of residence;
  • When the decision on the determination of Georgian citizenship is requested.

The decision on the determination of Georgian citizenship is issued by the Public Service Development Agency.

Granting Georgian Citizenship

Georgian citizenship can be acquired by naturalization. the decision to grant Georgian citizenship to a person is taken by the President of Georgia. The decision is authorized by the Presidential order.

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