Compatriot status and certificate

A status of compatriot residing abroad is granted to a citizen of Georgia who resides in another country for a long period of time, or a citizen of other country who is of Georgian descent and/or whose native language belongs to the kartvelian language group. the right to obtain a compatriot status also applies to the family members of a status seeker (a spouse and children). Family members are not required to confirm that they are of Georgian descent and/or their native language belongs to the kartvelian language group.

A person seeking the status of a compatriot residing abroad shall submit an application in person or via an authorized representative to the territorial office of the Public Service development agency or branch of the Public Service Hall; those living outside of Georgia may apply to a diplomatic mission or a consular office of Georgia abroad or online via the distance service of the Public Service Development Agency (PSDA) here

The PSDA considers the application for the status and takes a decision in 80 days after the submission of the application. if the decision is positive, a status holder can request an official document - a certificate of the compatriot residing abroad.

Note: A certificate of the compatriot residing abroad is issued for a term of three years to persons under 20 years of age, for the term of 10 years to persons between 20 and 65 years, and for an indefinite term to persons above 65 years. if the term of a certificate of the compatriot residing abroad expires, the status holder can apply to the PSDA for the renewal of the certificate.

The status of a compatriot concedes the following privileges:

  • Upon the approval of the international Sports Federation, has the right to participate in corresponding sports competitions on behalf of Georgia, in the national team of Georgia;
  • In case he/she is a citizen of a country that requires Georgian visa, has the right to enter Georgia without a visa and stay in Georgia for up to 30 days;
  • When filing the application for the citizenship of Georgia, pays the service fees at a reduced rate as established by the government of Georgia;
  • Has the right to obtain the state funding for a general and a higher education in Georgia, as prescribed by the relevant legislation;
  • May be employed in civil service only on the basis of employment contract, provided he/she meets requirements established by the law;
  • May participate in various targeted programs funded by the Georgian state and designed for the diaspora.

Additional information on the acquisition of a status of a compatriot residing abroad and issuance of the corresponding certificate is available on the following;