Categories and types of georgian visa

Georgian visa is a permit of established form stamped inside the travel document of a foreigner or issued electronically (e-visa), which confirms his/her right to enter or/and stay in Georgia, or transit the territory of Georgia.

For the purpose of issuing Georgian visa, a foreigner can be invited to Georgia by citizen of Georgia, person having residence permit in Georgia, legal person registered in Georgia, Georgian ministry, office of the state minister as well as diplomatic representation, consular office or international organization accredited in Georgia. the invitation is an official document including a written recommendation confirming the purpose of foreigner’s visit to Georgia.

Types of Georgian visa

A foreigner who meets the requirements and conditions set forth for the issuance of a Georgian visa can be granted a single- or multiple-entry visa.

A single-entry short-term visa is issued according to the length of stay requested on the visa application form, but for a stay of no more than 30 days.

A multiple-entry short-term visa is issued for the duration of maximum five years. at the same time, the entry and the total length of stay of a foreign citizen shall not exceed 90 calendar days within the 180 day period. a multiple-entry short-term visa is issued to the foreigner who has been in Georgia at least once during the previous year and has grounds for applying for a short-term multi-entry visa.

Long-term visa shall be issued with the right to multiple entries to the country, for the term of 90 calendar days, for 1-year validity period and for the term the person will be staying in Georgia. Long-term visa for a 1-year validity period shall be issued only for d5 category immigration visa.

Georgian visa has the following categories:

  • A category – diplomatic visa;
  • B category – Special visa;
  • C category – ordinary visa;
  • D category – immigration visa;
  • T category – transit visa.

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