Migration Glossaries

EMN Glossary on Asylum and Migration

The European Migration Network’s Asylum and Migration Glossary is one of the important outputs of the Network, being a multidisciplinary product aimed at introducing a common terminology in the field of asylum and migration by promoting comparability of the terms and concepts and encouraging their unified application. The Glossary is intended for decision-makers in the field of migration, academia and media as well as broad readership interested in the migration related topics.

The Glossary was translated in Georgian language under the coordination of the Secretariat for the State Commission on Migration Issues through the EU funded project and published on Commission’s web-page in 2023.

Latest online version of the EMN Glossary in English is available on the following link:


IOM Glossary on Migration

For the purpose of familiarizing Georgian reader with the terminology commonly used worldwide in the sphere of migration, the Secretariat of the State Commission on Migration Issues translated the Glossary on Migration (IOM, Geneva, 2004) and designed its electronic version in Georgian language. In the process of work, some new terms were added to the original text and they were approximated to their Georgian analogues.

The publication was prepared with the assistance of IOM Mission to Georgia and through the financial support of EU project “Support to the Institutional Development of the Public Service Development Agency”.

Glossary on Migration (Georgian Version)

Glossary of Migration Related Acronyms

The Secretariat of the State Commission on Migration Issues developed a short glossary of migration related acronyms (abbreviations). The glossary combines more than 180 acronyms with English and Georgian definitions, and like the Glossary on Migration, aims at introducing a unified terminology to be used by international and non-governmental organizations working in the field of migration while elaborating relevant documents.

We hope the glossary will be a useful tool as well for other actors interested in the field of migration.