Guidebook on Legal Migration

The State Commission on Migration Issues is conducting the information campaign titled “Legal Migration - The Best Choice” with support of the EU, within the framework of which a Guidebooks on Legal Migration were developed in Georgian and English Languages. The guidebooks offers practical information on the whole range of issues such as the documents necessary for emigrants, the legal ways for temporary or permanent departure from Georgia or return to the country as well as provides information on the documents necessary for foreign citizens staying in Georgia, procedures for obtaining these documents and relevant status, and regulations of legal movement.

We believe the guidebooks will become a useful source for potential and actual migrants as well as other persons interested in the field.

Irregular Migration Prevention Campaign

IOM Georgia, with support from the Belgium Immigration Office, is implementing Irregular Migration Prevention Campaign. The main objective of this campaign is to discourage and prevent irregular migration by increasing the awareness of all downsides of irregular migration by addressing the misconceptions. The Irregular Migration Prevention Campaign seeks to increase awareness of the risks of irregular migration, focus on the advantages of regular migration and addresses the realities on the asylum procedures in Belgium (and other EU Member States).

Handbook on Irregular Migration

The handbook will contribute to prevention of offences and raise the awareness among foreigners about traveling to and residing in the country, emphasizing that, on the one hand, their rights will be protected and, on the other hand, strong and effective legislation and its executive bodies will not allow an alien to enter and stay in the territory of Georgia without legitimate grounds.