To ensure effective coordination of the migration-related developments in Georgia and coordinate the competences falling under various bodies, the State Commission on Migration Issues was set up on 13 October 2010. The Commission’s analytical and administrative support is provided through the Secretariat created and supported by European Union and hosted by the Public Service Development Agency of the Ministry of Justice.

Main aims of the Secretariat

  • To support activities of the State Commission on Migration Issues as well as execution of tasks defined in the Migration Strategy;
  • To provide technical, organsiational and intellectual support to the activities of the State Commission on Migration Issues;
  • To coordinate activities aimed at meeting objectives set in the Migration Strategy.

Main functions of the Secretariat

  • To solve logistical issues related to Commission’s meetings;
  • To provide logistical support to conferences and other events organized in the framework of the Commission’s activities;
  • To cooperate with agencies/organizations involved in ongoing migration management projects and migration sector in general;
  • To monitor the Action Plan for the implementation of the Migration Strategy and provide the Commission with relevant information;
  • To draft relevant amendments to the Migration Strategy and submit them to the Commission with relevant justifications;
  • To define activities to be implemented within each thematic area of migration and submit relevant Action Plans to the Commission;
  • To inform the Commission on current projects in the field of migration;
  • To generate ideas for Calls for Projects in the field of migration and submit them to the Commission;
  • To draft information packs on the Commission’s activities; ensure media relations and manage the Commission’s web-site;
  • To draft reports on the Commission’s activities;
  • To participate in conference and meetings on behalf of the Commission;
  • To follow the Commission’s instructions.


Secretariat of the State Commission on Migration Issues
Public Service Development Agency
Ministry of Justice of Georgia


Address:   0154 Tbilisi, Ak. Tsereteli Ave. №67a (postal address)
                     0105 Tbilisi, Sanapiro St. №2


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