Unified Migration Analytical System received the award for the Best Innovative Infrastructural Solution

GITI 2016, an annual regional conference organized by the Data Exchange Agency of the Ministry of Justice and the ICT Business Council was held on November 10-11 in Tbilisi, Georgia. GITI has already gained significant international recognition among the ICT community. This year it hosted a record number of guests – up to 500 from 20 different countries.

Traditionally, the event culminated with the award ceremony of the best IT projects. From the pool of up to 50 IT projects presented by public and private organizations for 15 different nominations, the award for “the Best Innovative Infrastructural Solution” was granted to the Unified Migration Analytical System (UMAS) – a copyright project of the Public Service Development Agency of the Ministry of Justice.

The goal of UMAS is to develop up-to-date technological solutions to advance migration data collection and analysis in Georgia and hence, contribute to the data-driven migration policy development in the country.

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