A seminar on international mechanisms for the protection of migrants’ rights was held at the National Centre for the Professional Development of Teachers.

The participants discussed the migration-related cases of the European Court of Human Rights’ Court case law.

The seminar was attended by Levan Samadashvili, Head of the Public Service Development Agency. Lawyers, migration specialists, students, researchers, representatives from non-governmental organizations as well as international and governmental organizations participated in the seminar.

The seminar was held in a video-conference format during which the parties discussed selected cases having special significance for the Georgian reality as well as potential migrants.

The seminar was led by Giorgi Badashvili, a Georgian lawyer working in the Strasbourg HR Court who presented issues to be discussed. A joint discussion was held during the same day together with the audience gathered in Tbilisi.

For your information, an Information Campaign Concept on Migration for 2013-2016 was drafted on the initiative of the State Commission on Migration Issues. In the framework of the Concept, the Commission’s Secretariat, jointly with the Public Service Development Agency and the Strasbourg HR Court have designed a project aimed at raising public awareness on international mechanisms for the protection of migrants’ rights.

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