Administrative Bodies providing public services in the field of migration

Territorial offices of the Public Service development agency, branches of the Public Service Hall and Community Centres issue official documents such as passports of a Georgian citizen and residence permits (cards). also, these offices receive applications of the seekers of compatriot status, applications for granting or terminating Georgian citizenship, and provide other services.

Mobility Centres under the ministry of internally displaced Persons from the occupied territories, accommodation and refugees of Georgia provide consultation to migrants and other interested persons on various migration-related issues.

Contact information of territorial services of th􏰀e Public Service development agency, branches of the Public Service Hall and Community Centres:

Tbilisi Public Service Hall
2 Sanapiro str. Tbilisi
Public Service Development Agency (PSDA)
67a Tsereteli ave. / 2 Sanapiro str. Tbilisi
Adjara autonomous republic
Batumi Public Service Hall
7 Sherif Khimshiashvili str., Batumi
Kobuleti branch of PSDA
143, Aghmashenebeli ave., Kobuleti
Keda branch of PSDA
2, 26th May str., Keda
Shuakhevi branch of PSDA
2 Khimshiashvili str., Shuakhevi
Khulo branch of PSDA
5 Tbel Abuseridze str., Khulo
Mukhaestate Community Centre
Mukhaestate village, Kobuleti Municipality
Ozurgeti Public Service Hall
9 Petritsi str., Ozurgeti
Lanchkhuti branch of PSDA
6 Tbilisi str., Lanchkhuti
Chokhatauri branch of PSDA
1 Guria str., Chokhatauri
Nigoeti Community Centre
Nigoeti village, Lanchkhuti Municipality
Khidistavi Community Centre
Khidistavi village, Chokhatauri Municipality
Gurjaani Public Service Hall
14 Tamar Mepe str., Gurjaani
Telavi Public Service Hall
3 Erekle II square, Telavi
Kvareli Public Service Hall
3 Kudigora str., Kvareli
Sagarejo branch of PSDA
2 Japharidze str., Sagarejo
Lagodekhi branch of PSDA
14 Tavisupleba str., Lagodekhi
Akhmeta branch of PSDA
50 Cholokashvili str., Akhmeta
Shashiani Community Centre
Shashiani village, Gurjaani Municipality
Kvareltskali Community Centre
Kvareltskali village, Akhmeta Municipality
Kachreti Community Centre
Kachreti village, Gurjaani Municipality
Nukriani Community Centre
Nukriani village, Sighnaghi Municipality
Shilda Community Centre
Shilda village, Kvareli Municipality
Kutaisi Public Service Hall
20 Ir. Abashidze str., Kutaisi
Baghdati branch of PSDA
5 Vazha-Pshavela str., Baghdati
Vani branch of PSDA
8 Tamar Mepe str., Vani
Zestaphoni branch of PSDA
4 Aghmashenebeli str., Zestaphoni
Terjola branch of PSDA
95 Rustaveli str., Terjola
Samtredia service of PSDA
28 Rustaveli str., Samtredia
Sachkhere branch of PSDA
4 Tavisupleba str., Sachkhere
Tkibuli branch of PSDA
12 Akhobadze str., Tkibuli
Tskaltubo branch of PSDA
25 Rustaveli str., Tskaltubo
Chiatura branch of PSDA
7 Ninoshvili str., Chiatura
Kharagauli branch of PSDA
5 Dekanosidze str., Kharagauli
Khoni branch of PSDA
6a Tavisufleba square, Khoni
Khevi Community Centre
Khevi village, Kharagauli Municipality
Shorapani Community Centre
Shorapani village, Zestaphoni Municipality
Geguti Community Centre
Geguti village, Tskaltubo Municipality
Korbouli Community Centre
Korbouli village, Sachkhere Municipality
Shorapani Community Centre
Shorapani village, Zestaphoni Municipality
Mtskheta branch of PSDA
17 Mukhrani str., Mtskheta
Tianeti branch of PSDA
8 Rustaveli str., Tianeti/td>
Dusheti branch of PSDA
27 Stalin str., Dusheti
Kazbegi branch of PSDA
9 David Aghmashenebeli str., Kazbegi
Racha-lechkhumi and Kvemo svaneti
Ambrolauri branch of PSDA
24 David Aghmashenebeli str., Ambrolauri /td>
Lentekhi branch of PSDA
24 Tamar Mepe str., Lentekhi
Oni branch of PSDA
1 Aghmashenebeli square, Oni
Tsageri branch of PSDA
69 Rustaveli str., Tsageri
Samegrelo - zemo svaneti
Zugdidi Public Service Hall
2 Theatre str., Zugdidi
Abasha branch of PSDA
1 Ucha Kacharava str., Abasha
Martvili branch of PSDA
14 Tavisupleba str., Martvili
Senaki branch of PSDA
11 Tsminda Nino str., Senaki
Poti branch of PSDA
26 9th April Alley, Poti
Tsalenjikha branch of PSDA
49 Tamar Mepe str., Tsalenjikha
Khobi branch of PSDA
92 Tsotne Dadiani str., Khobi
Mestia Public Service Hall
1 I. Gabliani str., Mestia
Jvari Community Centre
Jvari village, Tsalenjikha Municipality
Chaladidi Community Centre
Chaladidi village, Khobi Municipality
Akhaltsikhe Public Service Hall
Tamarashvili str., Akhaltsikhe
Adigeni branch of PSDA
19 A. Balakhashvili str., Adigeni
Aspindza branch of PSDA
117 Vardzia str., Aspindza
Akhalkalaki branch of PSDA
44 Tamar Mepe str., Akhalkalaki
Borjomi branch of PSDA
1 Rustaveli square, Borjomi
Ninotsminda branch of PSDA
43 Pushkin str., Ninotsminda
Phoka Community Centre
Phoka village, Ninotsminda Municipality
Kvemo kartli
Rustavi Public Service Hall
29 Khalkhta Megobroba square, Rustavi
Marneuli Public Service Hall
1 Rustaveli str., Marneuli
Bolnisi branch of PSDA
106 Sulkhan-Saba str., Bolnisi
Gardabani branch of PSDA
1 Leselidze str., Gardabani
Dmanisi branch of PSDA
42 Tsminda Nino str., Dmanisi
Tetritskaro branch of PSDA
36 Tamar Mepe str., Tetritskaro
Tsalka branch of PSDA
13 Aristotele str., Tsalka
Sartichala Community Centre
Sartichala village, Gardabani Municipality
Manglisi Community Centre
Manglisi village, Tetritskaro Municipality
Koda Community Centre
Koda village, Tetritskaro Municipality
Kazreti Community Centre
Kazreti village, Bolnisi Municipality
Shida kartli
Gori Public Service Hall
5 D. Guramishvili str., Gori
Kaspi Branch of PSDA
80 David Aghmashenebeli str., Kaspi
Kareli Branch of PSDA
24 Stalin str., Kareli
Khashuri Branch of PSDA
7 Kostava str., Khashur
Gomi Community Centre
Gomi village, Khashuri Municipality
Ruisi Community Centre
Ruisi village, Kareli Municipality
Mejvriskhevi Community Centre
Mejvriskhevi village, Gori Municipality


For the information concerning potential migrants as well as regarding the issues of re-integration of returned migrants please contact the Mobility Centres under the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia:

Mobility centre in Tbilisi
Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia
Address: Rooms No. 543, 545, 547; 5th floor, 15a Tamarashvili str., Tbilisi
Tel.: 995 322 600 955
Mobility centre in Kutaisi
Address: 7 Victor Kupradze str., Kutaisi
Tel.: +995 451 944 443
Mobility centre in Telavi
Address: 16 Erekle II str., Telavi, Telavi Municipality building, 2nd floor
Tel.: +995 350 270 872
Mobility centre in Batumi
Address: 63 King Pharnavaz Str. Batumi
Tel.: +995 577 520 015

Mobility Centres operate under the EU supported Project - Reinforcing the Capacities of the Government of Georgia in Border and Migration Management implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM)

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