Workshop on return and reintegration issues

Return and reintegration of Georgians residing abroad are perceived to be of exceptional importance when implementing labor migration prჭgrammes and projects in Georgia. For this reason, a 2-day workshop within the EU-financed project “Strengthening the Development Potential of the EU Mobility Partnership in Georgia through Targeted Circular Migration and Diaspora Mobilization” was held on 19-20 March and was dedicated to this thematic field. The project is run by the Center for International Migration (CIM), Public Service Development Agency and Small and Medium Enterprises Association of Georgia (GSMEA).

Representatives of the public and private organizations working on the above-mentioned issues participated in the workshop. An expert from Germany, Mr. Steffen Angenendt, having extensive international experience in the field was invited to the workshop, who presented to the participants the examples of different countries and shared international experience on formulating the policy on return and successful reintegration.

Based on the discussions with Georgian colleagues, the expert will study the Georgian context in terms of the existing challenges, obstacles and options in the return and reintegration facilitation policy in Georgia and make relevant recommendations for further action, presented in a briefing paper.

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