Winter school on migration policy and development

From 10 to 12 February a winter school on Migration Policy and Development was held at Kvareli Justice Training Center, Georgia. The 3-day event was a part of the migration policy advice activities envisaged under the project “Strengthening the Development Potential of the EU Mobility Partnership in Georgia through Targeted Circular Migration and Diaspora Mobilization”.

The winter school aimed at providing a forum for bringing together the representatives of Georgian ministries, other state agencies as well as private sector stakeholders and local municipalities in order to discuss the ideas around the topic of migration and development. The issues of policy coherence, diaspora engagement, remittances and reintegration were addressed.

Through a mixture of methods including presentations, discussions and brainstorming facilitated by GIZ and international experts, more than 20 participants had the possibility to develop ideas regarding the nexus of migration and development. Specifically, the future areas of cooperation and exchange of information between the state agencies and local municipalities were considered significant to the advancement of effective instruments for leveraging migration for development in Georgia.

The winter school is one in a series of events in the framework of the policy advice activities envisaged by the project and it aimed at harnessing the efforts of multiple actors in the field towards migration policy and development.

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